Whatever the mood, Carneval Strings has a group to suit your important day.

Carneval musicians are available in a number of combinations.


Our dynamic, traditional string quartet comprises of four experienced performers, dressed in elegant black, playing two violins, a viola and a cello. They have over 40 hours of repertoire, which ranges from Baroque and Classical to the lively 50’s and 60’s Swing Jazz style. With its full sound, the quartet enjoys audience interaction and is ideal as atmospheric background music for large audiences. However, we can also add style to an elegant function, by performing on the concert stage.


Our trio, two violins and a cello, performs a similar repertoire of background classical music to that of the quartet. While the volume of repertoire is not as great as that of the quartet, the trio is still able to perform many of the well-known classics. It’s a good alternative to our quartet without compromising on elegance and style.


Our intimate violin/cello duo performs atmospheric background classical music. This ensemble plays many of the favourites from the Baroque and Classical eras and offers a change in pace, with a small repertoire of jazz. Both add an understated elegance to any function. Our violinist wanders through the audience serenading listeners while our cellist offers a sonorous and rich musical experience.

Carneval Wired

They’ve performed on stage with the kings and queens of Pop and Rock. From Kylie, Katie and Kanye to the ARIA’s with Gotye, Carneval Strings knows how to rock! Carneval is turning the amp to 11 with their new show, ‘Carneval Wired’.

Carneval players are dressed to impress and the fearsome four perform on sleek, sexy Yamaha electric instruments. As part of this amazing new show, Carneval has an array of songs to belt out, from Led Zepplin to Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder to Snow Patrol, Jimi Hendrix to Jamiroquai and some of Katie’s ‘Fireworks’ to top it off.

On tour with Aria award winning Gotye Carneval was dubbed “a knock out string quartet” by Adelaide Now, news.com. Carneval is wired and ready to rock!

Gypsy Carneval

Our Gypsy Trio captures attention with a combination of European Folk Tunes, Latin American sounds and elements of jazz/swing. With its unique and distinctive style, they released their first album in 2000 and can perform as a violin duo or as a violin/cello duo. The essence of Hungarian Folk Music is obvious as our two Hungarian violinists wander through the audience entertaining listeners while our violin/cello duo, create a festive but relaxed mood.

French, Gypsy and World music

For French, Gypsy and World music, Carneval artists perform in Bric a brac. For more information, visit their website.